‘Review of ‘Conceal & Define’ Foundation from Make Up Revolution

‘Conceal & Define’ Foundation – Purchased from Makeup revolution Website for £10.00
Shade: F3

Thank you for watching,
Anwen x x x

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  1. Mykael E says:

    “Hitting it out of the ball park”. It’s a good thing, a Home run!

  2. Mademoiselle A says:

    I love your look 😍 the jacket and that makeup! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. tiffany Hall says:

    Loved the review and how excited you were to play with makeup, which I’m exactly the same! I absolutely love your make up and look at the end omgosh! Just Amazing!

  4. misstaralynn36a says:

    “Yours? Bitch I paid for it.” That cracked me up!

  5. Beautiful Disaster says:

    Nope lol definitely not a dildo lol🍆

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