Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation Review


  1. Ann Mcleod says:

    Her skin is pretty! I might try this makeup! My skin is dry/very dry. I’m looking for sum good oils to help spread the makeup. Any suggestions?❤️🤔

    • Ann Mcleod says:

      Modestly Que Your welcome. Keep on doing your thing!😜❤️

    • Ann Mcleod says:

      Modestly Que I think I remember now you recommended that to me awhile back. I’m liking your full face makeup I no you don’t like doing it much😁 Have you ever done a face cleansing tutorial? Daytime prep before you apply your makeup?

    • Modestly Que says:

      I use coconut oil. But this moisturizer called embryolise is good

  2. nnxjjsjx bdjjddnnx says:

    You have gorgeous skin! #Jealous

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