How To Apply Winged Eyeliner! Classic Cat Eye and Red Lips Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone, Marguerite here! In this tutorial, I wanted to show you 2 different ways that you can apply winged eyeliner. I think if you take your time, apply short strokes, and find the right eyeliner for you, then you really can achieve a flawless winged liner! Add a sultry red lipstick to your look, and you are ready to take on the world!

Thanks for watching & I sure do love you all!

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Thanks for watching, Sugars! Remember, you are beautiful, you are strong, and you can do anything you want to 🙂 Don’t let no one rain on your parade!

Xx Marguerite

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  1. Lourdes Ramirez says:

    Classic Cat Eyes are the Best, in my Opinion, and it suits you perfect😍😍👌 Can you believe I’ve never tried Gel Liner😮😮 I’ve always used the good ol’ liquid liner😄 You make it look so easy👏👏 Great Tutorial Beautiful!

  2. Leslie M says:

    How about the method where you come to my house and do it for me??? I cannot master the wing on myself… I can do it with my eyes closed on anyone else….however I look like a four year old fingerpainting when I attempt one on me

    • Leslie M says:

      Marguerite Loiselle YES DRILL SARGENT. Maybe Thursday when I’m off. I’m not attempting a wing at 415 tomorrow morning

    • Marguerite Loiselle says:

      Leslie M Hahaha I like that method 😉 I know it’s hard and looks scary, but you can do it! Start just making little dots and strokes as close to your eyelashes and slowly connect them, and then use a straight edge when it comes time to do the flick on the end, use a credit card or the end straight side of Neosporin or whatever you have around. I believe in you and I expect you to report back and send me a pic of it! 😉😁

  3. Donna says:

    One of these days I’m gonna sit down and do all these things with my make up you young girls do and send you a pic lmao. This old lady is gonna look hot. Lol. That’s such a scary thought lol. But I do love that look on you. And you have great teeth lol. Don’t know what I notice but your teeth are so perfect but not unreal looking perfect. And white. OK so what do you use to keep them white.

    • Marguerite Loiselle says:

      But I highly recommend those crest white strips, they do a great job!

    • Marguerite Loiselle says:

      Donna haha I can’t wait for that day, Donna! I’ll be patiently waiting for a pic 😀💋 & thanks for the sweet compliment about my teeth! I had braces and headgear for 6 years, so teeth compliments go far ! ❤️ as for whitening, I’m flattered to hear they’re white, I was just groaning in the mirror earlier thinking they looked yellow! I got them professionally whitened when I was 16, and every so often I’ll use the crest white strips to maintain it, I also brush my teeth everyday with the crest white toothpaste , but I haven’t used a white strip in over a year, especially now that I’m pregnant.

  4. Ranalynn Naipo says:

    Good morning girlfriend. You are the queen of eyeliner 🙌🏼

  5. Erika Moulton says:

    so stunning!! also your hair looks gorggg xx

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